Talk about a FLOOD.

We hope everyone is safe and dry from the flood that happened this week in Alabama! We have also been flooded with events, phone calls, and appointments! We had a blast seeing the events this past weekend take place. Such and exciting weekend of firsts for Flagstone Farm.

Florida College held their spring banquet at Flagstone on Saturday. The flowers and tables were absolutely beautiful and the food was impeccable. The Event was designed and put together by Tiffany Dean and she did a fabulous job making the event a success. It was a privilege to host the event we would love to have Florida College back next year!!!

On Sunday, We hosted our first Bridal Tea for a very sweet bride!! Even though it was a rainy day the barn was decorated beautifully. And the Tea was a success. We hope to host many more in the future.

We also booked another wedding this week, and we are so excited about the appointments that have been made. Things are taking off here at Flagstone Farm. We are thrilled about each and every event.

Be looking for our next Blog about our Flagstone Farm T-shirt designs coming soon!!!

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